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During the winter of 2007 the lake was redeveloped, to make it more fish friendly & to give the angler plenty more features. Whilst the lake was empty it was desilted & additional channels & plateaus were added. The main change was to extend the original island & put in 2 additional ones. This has changed not only the face of the lake but also the habits of the fish. Also for those that like the thrill of stalking, we have an area on this lake that allows the roving angler the opportunity to try out his skills. The stalking area splits the top end of the lake & is made up of sunken islands & plenty of overhanging foliage along with reed beds & lily pads. At 7 acres & the middle lake it offers you the chance of catching the bigger fish in the complex. The principle behind Gallet was to have a lower stocking level but larger fish. There are 7 swims which have been positioned in between the reed beds or trees that line the margins. All swims offer you an island margin to fish to as well as open water. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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