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Etang du roivre is a 15 acre lake set in our own 33 acre estate which in turn is situated in the middle of the renowned beautiful Burgundy region of France. The lake is over 300 years old & has only been fished since bought it in early 2002 before which it had been kept as a nature reserve. It is now a French carp fishing holiday venue with a superb stock of very big fish. 20 level swims around the lake but limit the numbers of anglers to a maximum of 12 per week. This ensures that there are always empty swims to move to if you need to or for stalking during the day. The bed of the lake is composed of clay & clean non smelling silt. The hard sandy clay shoulders stretch out for 20 to 30 yards & the water depth ranges from 3 feet immediately in front of each swim to 6 or 7 feet in the middle The reason that the silt is not the normal black, smelly kind is that the lake is teeming with blood worms, cadis fly larvae & literally thousands of swan mussels which are filter feeders & the reason for clean Silt. Stock carrying out a drain down for the autumn of 2009 they are confident that these will show at least 130 different 30lbs+ a further 40 over 40lbs+ with a current lake record of 56lbs.07oz on top of exactly 49 catfish to well over 100.lbs+. During 2009 over 125 40lbs+ carp landed as well as 591 30lbs+ the total captures this year have recorded over 52% as being over 30lbs & expecting these figures to easily be eclipsed during 2010. Facilities, On 1 corner of the lake we have constructed a dining lodge which is based on a small English country pub. It has a log fire for the colder months & it is where English breakfasts & evening meals included within the price are served & where beers & wines are available. We have English toilet & shower facilities with hot water 24/7 Booking, Please see the website for details. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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