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Description: The use of boats is allowed on the lake as long as life jackets are worn & that the boat is used in a safe & responsible manner. Boats supplied with oars & lifejackets are available for hire. There plentiful supply of electric engines available for the boats which comes with 2 fully charged leisure batteries. The use of bait boats is also allowed. Fishing is not allowed from the North bank which means that you will not have anyone fishing from the opposite bank. The swims have undergone extensive work, making them spacious safe & clean as too have the paths & roads. Major investment has been put into the whole site to enhance the pleasure of fishing Chef de Ville, 27 acre lake is the first in a series of 6 The Lake is up to 160 yards wide & over 900 yards long. Depths vary from 3ft to 20ft with the majority of the lake bed being clay or gravel. There are a number of weed beds mainly around the bars & margins. Fishing tight to these weed beds produces good catches. Stock, Following the restocking in 2003 & 2004 we successfully introduced a further 1 ton of Carp up to 62 lbs. in 2007. This pushes the the current stock levels to over 400 carp half of which are in excess of 30.lbs+. A further Half ton of carp were added in 2008 with a 70.lbS Catfish. Facilities, Chef de Ville has recently purchased the house next to the entrance gate to the fishery. The property has a large basement which has been converted into a large dining area. There is also a new shower room with 2 showers 2 toilets & hand basin. A large breakfast & evening meal will be served in the dining area or it can be brought to your swim by request. Recharging facilities are available for Mobile Phones, Bait boat batteries etc. Limited Freezer storage facilities for bait. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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