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French Waters Details
Brittany Mill Lakes Tel: 0033 299901 290 or 0033 676580 447
Ste Anne, 56130  
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Carp fishing starts here carp to mid fifties & cats to 110.lbs+ 300 year old lakes, 3 Lake Lezay is a true big fish venue where the likelihood of catching a whacker carp of 30.Lbs+, 40.Lbs+ or 50.Lbs+ exceeds the chances of catching 20.Lbs+ because of the ratio of big carp in the lake. This water is by no means a pushover though as some of the carp are wise old lumps. It also has a number of large catfish silure to 108.lbs & 1 huge diamond back sturgeon nicknamed Mervin who now weighs over 102.lbs+. This is a peaceful & tranquil venue 1 in which to relax & soak up the angling environment All Lezay stocks have been returned to mill lake prior. Lake Cadouzan is set up for those that like loads of big carp action. Restocking began in 2005 with over 400 big carp mainly mid to upper 20s & 30s biggest carp in 2008 50.5.lbs it should keep your bite alarms singing 17 acres of rich stream fed lake with a few lilly beds in some of the best looking & most tranquil surroundings in France. A maximum of just 8 anglers with 17 acres of water guarantees you all the space you could ever want for your carp fishing adventure holiday. Our aim is to help you enjoy a fantastic & fun carp fishing holiday with great carp great surroundings, great food & to have a memorable time for all the right reasons. haveing a stock of over 500 big carp. Best catch of 2008 for one angler was 58 carp for a total weight of 1800.lbs with 27 thirties to 39.Lbs. Mill lake is our flagship lake & it is heaving with big carp many 40.Lbs+ up to 6 50.Lbs+ & untold 30.Lbs+ & 20.Lbs+ as well as cats to 110.lbs+ & mervin the sturgeon currently 102.Lbs. Adorable is a nice description of this 12 acre lake. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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