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Cassien Carp Tours base camp is situated about 15 minutes from the lake at camp site. The campsite itself boasts 3 swimming pools overlooked by a restaurant which serves hot & cold food every day throughout the summer months. There are gym facilities, tennis courts, TV room, laundry facilities & a large shower block. Wi Fi is free on the campsite but coverage is restricted to campsite facilities. Base camp, in a secluded area to the rear of the main facilities has everything you could possibly need to ensure your stay is trouble free. Single & double beds are available, toilet & shower, cooking area, lounge area & a bar. There is plenty of storage space for any belongings & tackle you may have & there is a shed outside for larger items complete with a chest freezer for bait. On the short journey between Base camp & the lake you will pass the towns many shops & restaurants. The Tabac, bakeries & supermarkets are all within easy reach & if they are not open whilst you are not fishing just write a list, I will get it while you are fishing & when you return it will be there waiting for you. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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