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Alder Lake is a mature lake dating back to the 1960s. It is set in the centre of 150 acres of Limousin farmland & trees. Check out the aerial view on Google Maps & youll see there are no roads, railways or pylons close by. All our visitors comment about the beautiful & peaceful countryside. The lake is 10 acres in size & can be booked by up to 5 anglers giving a massive 2 acres of space per person. The lake is set in the centre of France, but thanks to the great motorway network it is only 5.5 hours from Caen Lake, This beautiful lake is set in a natural bowl & fringed by mature oaks, chestnuts & alders. It is fed by 2 streams on either flank of the isthmus giving 2 sets of features 1 on each side. The overhanging trees on the isthmus provide plenty of snags & cover & are great fish holding areas. The rest of the lake is snag free. It has a stony bottom with silt channels following the old stream beds. The pegs are cut between the trees giving plenty of cover. Depths range from shallows to 15ft & there are no weed problems. Facilities, Because Alder is set in the middle of glorious unspoilt countryside its not possible to connect it up to mains electricity or water so the facilities are basic & environmentally sensitive. The toilet system was purchased from Canada where the provision of hygiene services in the arctic wilderness is a problem long since solved. A low flush self cleaning toilet leads to a bio digester which in the long term generates compost. The low flush volume is provided by a bucket of lake water and no fossil fuel is burnt to provide it. In a separate cabin there is a gas cooker. Fresh water is fetched down from the owners farm house in containers. Lighting is currently provided by gas lamps these will eventually be superseded by solar powered lights. The main toilet, shower & freezer facilities are located at the owners farm which is about a 5 minute walk away. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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