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Located Oriolles in the department of Charentes 16, it is fully equipped to practice your favorite hobby sport fishing for carp. In a natural landscape a lake of 5 acres you can test yourself in a fair fight with carp over 15 kilos. The calm & beauty of the site you will enjoy the pleasure of angling. Size of pond: 4.5 ha Number of posts 12 only a dozen are occupied at the same time. Information about us Stock Fishery, mirrors & leather up more than 20kg, 15kg common record, catfish over 20kg to 10kg koi. Characteristic of the pond. Withholding hilly, sandy bottom and clay, natural food crayfish, mud worm, mussel. Permit Fishing No Night Fishing Yes, Boats primer Yes, Boat Yes except engine, General Rules The pond is open daily from March 1 to October 31. The post became a reserve fishing. The arrivals will be from 8.30 am till 20.00. Swimming is strictly prohibited. The angler using a boat is entirely responsible on the water to release Arnaud pond of any incident. Shower & toilet are at your disposal 24 hours. Accompanying the fishermen Biwi are subject to fees. Do not degrade the environment. The dogs are under the sole responsibility of the owner. Held on a leash or ensure that it has not departed the post. Rules, Carp fishing no kill. The fishermen deliver to water their fish in the best conditions. I strongly recommend disinfection of wounds & the sting of the hook. 4 rods allowed, Single hook, barbless or micro barbed. 1 per line. The seeds are prohibited except microphones seeds & seeds cooked ready commerce. It is imperative for visitors to leave their vehicles at the health facility during business hours and Outside of the pond after 20 hours. For the peace of the place the fishermen who need to travel during their stay will once the equipment is unloaded at the health park. An additional fee per day will be charged for any accompanying showers. Fishermen taking a position between the No. 8 and No. 18 should not exceed the median of the pond. The bins are made available along the pond. Leave the area clean after your departure. Fishing should be conducted in a spirit of sportsmanship and friendly courteous gentlemen remained. The life jacket is mandatory for any travel by boat on the pond. The pond arnaud disclaims any liability for accidents. Failure to respect the rules may result in permanent expulsion without refund. Boilies Carpe greedy & the pellets in 25 kg bags are for sale. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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