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Etang Loison is situated in the Lorraine region of France & is 4 hours drive from Calais. There are 2 beautiful lakes set in 2 & a half miles of forest. The forest surrounding the lakes is private this makes Etang Loison 1 of the most tranquil lakes in France. For the Dutch anglers see Eurocarpgroup. During October 2008 the lakes were dredged & the site was cleared to reveal its true beauty. The lakes date back 3 hundred years & are Cussigny lakes. Cussigny lakes were created by the monks & are renowned for there rapid fish growth. Etang Loison is controlled by Lakdar Tamazouzt a very successful fish farmer & fish biologist & Jeremy Talbot who has 20 years experience in fishery management. We hope that this combination will give you every thing you desire for a truly memorable holiday. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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