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Rushes Lake is 10 acres in size and is situated in over 17acres of breath taking scenery. The backdrop to the lake is truly spectacular, with rolling farmland on one side of the lake & woods on the other. We like to keep the lake looking as natural as possible & allow the rushes & reeds to grow in the margins to about 4ft during the summer, thus giving each swim a feeling of seclusion. We have 7 swims available on the lake, 2 of which are used as stalking swims up in the shallows. All the swims are very generous in size due to the banks being flat & very wide giving you plenty of space. We do restrict the numbers of anglers on the lake as we do not want to cram our anglers in we allow 5 anglers from April TO September & 4 in October. We close the lake from November to March to rest the fish. With the restriction on numbers there is plenty of room to move around the lake. Each swim can offer the angler plenty of water to fish with both margins and open water. The lake has varying depths, from 2ft in the shallows up to 6ft at the dam wall and is relatively snag free. The bottom is made up of gravel and clay with large areas of silt. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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