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Forest Lake Carp Fishing offers the ideal carp fishing holiday in France for those hoping to catch big carp. The carp lake is available for exclusive hire from April to October. The venue, which is British run can accommodate up to 5 anglers per week, although fish stalkers may prefer a smaller party if they wish to roam from peg to peg. The lake contains a good head of carp to 40.lbs+, including a perfect 32.lbs+ linear carp & if you fancy a fight thats a little different the lake also includes a number of big catfish to around 60.lbs+. Exclusive lake hire Because the water is around three acres in size we only rent the whole lake to one party at a time. This exclusive lake hire policy means that you and your party can indulge in a truly carefree carp fishing holiday without worrying about which swim youll get or what passing anglers might nick from your peg. Accommodation is at the bankside in bivvies, although a fishermans cabin is also at your disposal to make your stay more comfortable. This includes a modern, english style toilet & shower plus a kitchen with fridge, freezer, cooker, microwave, toaster, kettle & the usual pots, pans & cutlery. Fishing in France with less driving & more fishing We are also able to provide bivvies & other pieces of bulky equipment if required so you wont need to bring loads of baggage if you choose to 'Fly and Survive' by booking a cheap flight to Bergerac airport. Of course, flying from the UK means that you can spend more of your holiday time fishing instead of driving. Were less than an hour from Bergerac airport & can pick you up if you want although car rental is also available if you wish to be a little more mobile. The nearest bar restaurant is 1.5km distant & it takes 15 minutes to drive to the nearest supermarket. Naturally, we can pick up odd items for you during the week & well happily call in at the supermarket on the way back from the airport if you wish. If you prefer to Drive and Survive with your own gear thats okay too. It takes around eight hours to reach us from Calais & around 6 hours from Le Havre or St Malo. Catch a 40.lbs+ carp on your carp fishing holiday. The carp lake is a damned, clay bottomed, rain fed lake of around three acres in size. Its located in the midst of farmland at the heart of the Double Forest in the Dordogne region of South West France. This is a truly unspoilt area with abundant wildlife including wild boar, deer & birds of prey. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may even spot the kingfishers that flash across the lake from time to time. This is not a runs water with lots of lengthy casting & bait boat action. Its just a small, tranquil, mature lake stocked with big carp & cats where, with a little luck, you may just catch your Personal Best. We think its perfect & we hope you will too. Fish stock. The carp lake was restocked in 2008 with more than half a ton of big carp. This included a handful of high doubles, however the vast majority were twenties, thirties and forties. Much to our delight a number of true linear carp happened to come out when our fish were being netted at the fish farm, including one of 32.lbs+. True linears with a complete set of scales on the lateral line are extremely rare and a linear above 30.lbs+ is rarer still and a real specimen worth hunting for. In order to keep down the numbers of small nuisance fish we also added a number of big catfish to the carp lake. They may not be as pretty as the linear carp, but these fish can give you a great fight. The new fish supplemented the existing stock of mixed coarse fish and black bass. The original stock also included a good head of wild carp. The local farmers wink and tell us that there were already monsters in our lake before the restocking in 2008, although the biggest wildie weve seen to date was around 15lb. Mind you, that's quite a size for a wild carp and definitely something worth getting your hooks into. Facilities, All carp fishing holidays at Forest Lake Carp Fishing France include exclusive lake hire for you and your party along with the use of our fisherman's cabin. This is a newly renovated building with modern kitchen, shower and toilet. The kitchen includes a large fridge and a separate large freezer, an electric cooker, microwave, kettle and toaster along with all the pots, pans and cutlery that you're likely to need while carp fishing in France. There are also electric power points and adaptors in the cabin so that you can charge mobile phones and other items during your carp fishing holiday. The cabin does not include sleeping facilities as anglers are expected to take their naps between catches while bivvied up on the bankside. We also offer free equipment hire so that you can Fly and Survive without all the excess baggage. All our equipment comes from the excellent Matt Hayes Total Fishing Gear range and comprises. TFG Force 8 Bivvy 2 Man TFG Power Pod TFG Force 8 3-leg Bedchair TFG Signature Chair TFG X-Series 42 inch fishing net TFG Fish Friendly Weigh Sling with Rods TFG Unhooking Mat TFG F8 12 foot 2.5lb test curve carp rods. All you need to bring are your reels, bite alarms, scales, end tackle and sleeping bag. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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