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Find out what makes our lake so special & the perfect destination for you next Carp fishing adventure. After spending 5 long years looking for the right lake it was not a financial venture we was after but the little boys dream a nice lake good surroundings peace & tranquillity which can be hard to find in UK waters & the ultimate boys dream catching big carp, If it was a man made hole that has been dug in the ground we was after then the options were huge as there is an abundance of them in France nowadays. Then finally in 2001 we found it Etang de Petit Moulin the lake dates back over 400 years & was created by local villagers who built a huge dam in the River Tardoire, to prevent the river from flooding, as the river is sat in the middle of a huge valley. This creating an amazing 20 acre dogleg shape lake, stretching over half a mile & set in 32 acres of mature woodland the lake has multiple inlet streams & with the river entering from the shallow end & exiting from the dam our water is always flowing & is not a still pond, Which gives us highly oxygenated water all year round unlike a lot of the French Lakes which have been man made, they can struggle during our hot summer months, with losing water & needing to add additional pumps to oxygenate there lakes, creating noise & disturbance, we dont & with the old river bed, overhanging trees, sand bars, lilies rich silt pockets & hidden bays it is a fishermens paradise, we believe the Carppark is a venue that not only looks outstanding but will also give a whole new dimension to its customers. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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