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Barnview Lake is a new lake set in the Heart of the Charente area of South West France & a new business proudly serving the carp industry. Our unparalled service, competitive prices & overall value are why we hope you will choose us and keep returning. The Lake consists of 140 carp from 19.8llb to 48llb. We are hoping & very excited to see with the weights put on of the carp already caught we should have the majority over 20llb. We have 20's, 30's 40's & excited to see with the feed & eco system already in the lake, our larger ones could be over 50llb? There are some stunning fish in the lake & some unusually marked fish.We have 2 grass carp, perfectly scale linear, a fully scaled mirror, like an apple tart & leathers 25% of the fish are commons & the rest are mirrors. We have deliberately not over stocked the lake to allow the fish to grow to their optimum growth rates.There are no nuisance fish in the lake no poisson chat, no perch, no cray fish.The only preditors in the lake are pike & a token cat fish. Stock 140 carp mirrors, commons, no nuisance fish, only preditors are pike & 1 token cat fish. Facilities, Toilet & shower facilities,Lake hire, Fly & Drive & Survive, Food, Tackle Hire,Bait onsite, essential bits & drinks & snacks on site. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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