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In the deepest area of Orne lower Normandy you will find the French carp lake GENESIS where the nearby town of Carrouges 15 minutes away lies with its chateau from the 14th century. The owner at the time was a French Knight Sir Jean de Carrouges, who was surrounded with mystery, romance and valour. In 1367 the town and castle was destroyed by the English & rebuilt by order of Charles V of France. We bought the lake earlier in the year & have been busy preparing swims etc. 2 ton of Carp went into the lake in February 08. There are commons & mirrors with 7 kois & 1 grass carp as a bonus. They range from 13 lbs upto 35 lbs & a good head of 20lb+ . This was in addition to existing stock so a mystery catch could be on the cards. The lake has never been seriously fished & is over 200 years old pre Napoleonic. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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