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25 acres set in the heart of a forest near the famous Lac D'Orient, around 4 hours from Calais. The setting is wild & undisturbed with overhanging trees, lilies & fringes of reeds around the perimeter. The surrounding woodland is rich in flora and fauna with deer, wild boar and a myriad of other birds and animals. Remy accommodates up to 10 anglers and can be booked exclusively. The lake is fairly deep at the dam wall end, going to about 3m. Theres a feeder stream running down the length of the lake bed so it has the classic features of gentle slopes to the centre with shallow water at the top end. There's a number of lily beds which not only add to the beauty of Remy but also provide good fish holding features to fish to. Stock, 330 carp with numerous fish over 35.lbs+. Largest over 50.lbs+. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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