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From Calais about a 5hr 30mins drive 365 miles access to the lake is an all season level track when you arrive at the lake you will be able to drive to your chosen swim & leave your vehicle there. Fishy Lake is around 3 acres with most banks treelined & is the perfect size for up to 4 anglers. It has variable depths of 3ft to 7ft & a firm bed with silt patches with a good variety of lillies in the quiet areas of the lake, where the fish can retreat to. We also have a cabin which includes a kitchen & large wet room & toilet all of which have been built to the specific requirements of the BDAA. The fishery is also environmentally friendly. We use solar panels for electricity & we have a specially adapted toilet which is both environmentally & disabled friendly. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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