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A round 4 acres in size it has 2 islands in the centre & a couple of banks of lilies. There is a fair amount of weed especially in the shallower water. Over all depth is relatively shallow with 2 feet to the left hand bank & 4 feet by the larger island & in the centre before the lilies. It has about half an acre that is no more than 18 inches deep the large carp can be seen on a sunny day patrolling the margins & lily pads a stalkers paradise. It really is an exciting lake to fish with the water being quite shallow when you hook a fish the surface erupts as the carp attempts to make its escape heart stopping stuff. Currently the lake is very natural with grassy banks & plenty of cover. It is an easy venue in terms of the furthest you will have to cast is about 40 yards. The islands can be reached with a 20 to 25 yard cast. There is a small amount of weed growth in the lake but we had no problems finding clear spots. Stock the lake is a fairly old dating back some 50 years. The carp were stocked over 10 years ago & have thrived in the rich water that had never been fished until 2002. All the fish caught therefore were absolutely mint & in perfect health. Only mirror carp are present with no commons or grassies. Other species present include pike, perch & roach. The average size with no recent restocking having been undertaken seems to be between 25 to 40lbs. These stocks will be supplemented with additional carp later in 2002. At present we estimate the stock levels to be around 40 to 50 fish with the majority of these being low 30s. In our first field testing session at the beginning of May, 3 anglers, fishing 4 rods each had 23 fish, 15 of these being over 30 pounds. Facilities the pool has clean but basic facilities with small wooden chalet which contains an English toilet & hot shower. There is a sink unit in the Kitchen area with hot water for washing up. There is also a fridge, a single hotplate is available but beware use of too much electricity at one time may trip the power. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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