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Blavet Valley Lakes Tel: 00330 297 519909
Lost-er-Lann, St. Nicolas des Eaux  56930
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Carp Fishing Lake 8 acres carp fishing lake in Brittany was originally excavated for sand & gravel in the early 1960s to a depth of 6ft to 12 ft with varying contours i.e gravel bars & areas of sand & silt with no weed also no Poisson Chat or Cray Fish. There are plenty of overhanging trees & foliage that create excellent margin fishing. There are 14 swims including 3 double swims with a maximum of 8 anglers we can accommodate larger parties if required. To make life easier you can drive & park your car next to your swim at the carp lake. The Carp fishing lake was originally stocked as an all round fishery & we know that included quite a few carp over 15 years ago. Since then we have introduced a further 172 top quality Carp mirrors to 53.lbs+ & commons to 38.lbs+ this being our stock from our previous Carp fishing lake in Brittany. We have subsequently added a further 100 carp to the lake. In February 2007 we added a further 18 Carp 1x Mirror Carp 50.lbs+ 5 x Mirror Carp 40.Lbs+ to 48.Lbs+, 1x Common Carp 41.Lbs+, 12 Mirror Carp 30.Lbs+. Carp Fishing Bait we do not have any restrictions on bait providing that particles have been prepared satisfactorily they will be checked before use. We stock our own boilies specially made by Mainline at realistic prices. Also available is our own proven particle & pellets. We have no objection to the use of bait boats. Carp Fishing Equipment For Hire Bivvies, Bed chairs, Carp Rods, Reels etc. all top quality kit for hire on site at very reasonable prices. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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