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French Waters
Club Area Phone

Alder Lake Limousin  

Angle Lakes Limousin  

Birch Pool Retreat Limousin 0033 555 082295 or 0033 629 414538

Castaway Lake Limousin  

Chateau Moulin Limousin  

Domaine De Jarlet Limousin  

Domaine de la Ripiere Limousin 0033 0555 784435

Dreem Water Limousin  

Edens Lakes Limousin 0033 0555 828063

Etang Cache Limousin  

Etang d'Avalon Limousin

Etang De Azat-Chatenet Limousin  

Etang de Brigueuil Limousin  

Etang de Cherpont Limousin 02086 606245

Etang De La Boissonie Limousin  

Etang de Planchon Limousin 0033 299 648415

Etang de Vost Limousin 01279 451844 or 07734 448579

Etang du Soleil Limousin  

Etang Forest View Limousin  

Etang Meunier Limousin  

Etang Negreloube Limousin  

Fishtrapper Lake Limousin  

Forest Lakes Limousin  

Justices Lakes Limousin  

L'Etang Baudy Wally's Waterways Limousin  

L'Etang Rompu Limousin  

L,Etourneau Limousin 020 8325 0185

La Couarde Limousin  

La Foret Limousin  

La Petite Ecosse Limousin  

La Rebeyrolle Limousin  

Lac Bel Ray Limousin  

Lac Chateau Limousin  

Lac de Bujalef Limousin  

Lac de Jouviganac Limousin  

Lac de Lion Limousin  

Lac de Miarlet Limousin  

Lac de Vassiviere Limousin  

Lac De Villedon Limousin 01772 861901

Lac Diable Limousin  

Lac du Mont Larron Limousin  

Lac Les Pins Limousin  

Lac Maziere Limousin  

Lac Royale Limousin  

Lac Serrerie & Badger's Holt Limousin 0033 0587 754924

Lacs De Miarlet Limousin  

Lake Heritage Limousin  

Lake Villefavard Limousin  

Le Chene Vert Limousin  

Le Grand Etang Limousin  

Le Queroy Limousin  

Les Croix Limousin  

Les Justices Limousin  

Les Piloux Limousin  

Les Tricherie Limousin  

Lodge Lakes Limousin  

Mayflower Pool Limousin  

Meadow Lake Limousin  

Mirror Lake Limousin  

Mirror Pool Fisheries Limousin  

Mossy Lake Limousin  

Oaklands Lake Limousin  

Ripiere Limousin  

River Gartempe Limousin  

River Maulde Limousin  

River Vienne Limousin  

Rosewater Limousin  

The Old Mill Lake Limousin  

The Secret Garden Limousin  

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