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The Caldews source is high up on Skiddaw between the summit & Sale How in the Lake District, from where it runs east through a valley between Bowscale Fell & Carrock Fell. At Hutton Roof the river emerges from the dale & turns sharply northwards a course taking it through the settlements of Hesket Newmarket Sebergham Buckabank & Dalston. At Buckabank the river flows over a wear that provides a mill stream to the cotton mill & there is a salmon ladder. Flowing under Hawksdale Bridge at Bridge End & Dalstons 2 other bridges Jubilee Bridge & the White Bridge the river then flows towards Cummersdale where another wear used to exist above the now modernised texile mill. The river enters the suburbs of Carlisle north of Cummersdale flowing over a wear in Denton Holme at the site of a large victorian mill. The river flows through the city from Denton Holme beneath west walls & then the Caldew skirts around the castle before emptying into the River Eden opposite Stanwix. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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