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Lancaster Canal Tel: 01539 735481 or 07759 213388
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The Lancaster canal KDAC have recently entered into a 6 year lease agreement with British Waterways to control the fishing rights on this large stretch of water from Stainton to Tewitfield. We are very lucky in this area to have an area of canal which is unusual in the fact that it has very little boat traffic Tewitfield Nr Burton In Kendal being the closest navigable area. The Lancaster canal ends at Stainton near Kendal & is noted for its Tench fishing with fish averaging well over with specimens over 6.lbs. An + experiment with Grass Carp in the 1980s has seen stocks of this species expand & can be found in large numbers. All coarse fish are present Roach fishing is especially good in Autumn & mild winter days. Pike grow to well into the 20.lbs+ & Perch are making a strong comeback. Bream are to be found in the bays mostly further south of Burton In Kendal. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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