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Wood Country Park * Tel: 01925 229074 or 07921 360719
Clarence St, Newton le Willows.  
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These fisheries made by the association in partnership with Corys Environmental Ltd, by extending 2 derelict small ponds to the rear of Vista Road & making them into 2 nice sized fisheries. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM Wood pool is the larger of the two pools and will accommodate 26 anglers, whilst Lyme pool will accommodate 24 approx. They have been well stocked with tench, bream, roach, Chub, crucian carp and some barbel; both these waters had fish stocks in them prior to the development, with carp into double figures and some large tench, roach and perch. The access is off Clarence St and the site is to the rear of Vista Rd, these are pass and key fisheries and are (strictly members only).
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