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Lake Windermere Tel: 01539 724555 or 08459 010845 or 01539 724867
Brlle Isle, Windermere LA23 3LH

10.5 miles long & a mile wide & 220ft deep is the largest natural lake in England It is fed by numerous rivers. The Romans built their fort GALAVA at its northern end Waterhead it has always been an important waterway for transport of materials. Bowness on Windermere, Lakelands are most popular holiday resorts & is an excellent centre for boating activities with over 10.000 boats registered. Until March 2005 Windermere was the only lake without a speed limit but a 10mph limit has now been imposed. There is a large selection of Adventure Activity companies, guides & instructors for all abilities based around & on Windermere. The village of Windermere grew around the Windermere railway station about 1.5 of a mile from the lake. The village was originally called Birthwaite, The railway company called the station after the lake. Steamers & launches operate from Bowness Bay to Waterhead at Ambleside & Lakeside at the southern end. At the southern end is Lakeside Pier & Lakeside Station & also the Aquarium of the Lakes. Pike fishing from boats or from the bank, Big Pike. DONT FORGET TO LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THEM
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